Let's realize yourself and not be selfish for Against Covid 19

Let's realize yourself and not be selfish for Against Covid 19

We need to know the Covid 19 Virus started attacking Humans for the first time in Wuhan City of China. At that time there were only a few infected with symptoms such as coughing shortness of breath, so the Chinese goverment thought the disease could be controlled. Time goes by the addition of patients infected with corona virus in Wuhan increases quickly and uncontrollably, so that many victims die falling this news also had a horrendous world and in cyberspace was also excited with many submissions of images, videos, victims. victims died due to the corona virus spread. The impact of the cessation of mobility in Wuhan City and China made the decision to Lockdown

A few days after the incident Corona Virus began to spread throughout the world, such as attacking tthe European continent. The Italian state has confirmed Corona positive patients, without symptoms a few days later the patient was comfirmed dead the spread is controlled. But this is not done by some people in Italy. So that thousand of people were infected within a few days and victims died quickly falling. So for this incident Italy became the second country in the world to have the highest death and case rates in the world

Before Corona Virus entered the State of Indonesia, we already knew through the internet media, social media that the Virus could be spread by newcomers who came to Indonesia. But what happens is that many migrants from abroad are free to enter Indonesia and the public has not been aware of this, they have not used much personal protective equipment and kept their distance. Finally Indonesia confirmed that there were positive patients infected with Covid 19 in Jakarta

At this time the Covid Virus 19 Case reached 27.549 cases with 7.935 patients recovering and 1.663 patients have died ( last update June 2, 2020 )
Will the number of cases continue to increase ? Which has been informed in all media. The goverment is appealing to keep a distance, no to go to a crowd, keep clean travel long distance and do not use personal protective equipment when outside.

This effort has not been running optimally , many did not listen to the appeal. Society tends to be selfish in responding to this plague, By carrying out activities according to their own wishes - regardless of the impact.

The goverment's effort not only appeal to remain at home, the Goverment has prepared assistance for Corona - affected communities. The assistance was in the from of cash. food assistance. But still there are still many people who follow their selfishness. Disobeying and appreciating the goverment's effort to break the chain.

Will out beloved country follow the country of Italy, which has the highest case and highest mortality rate. Starting now obey and follow the goverment's effort to keep your distance, do not go to crowded places, wear personal protective equipment . Conduct a healthy lifestyle to maintain cleanliness and eat nutritious food
Let realize and help the goverment fight the Covid 19 Case Outbreak, We are able to end this outbreak by working together to incrase self-awareness not to carry out activities outside the home. And we hope that everything will end soon